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Waxahatchee is an indie rock/folk project formed by Katie Crutchfield in 2010. Named after Waxahatchee Creek in Alabama, USA, the project showcases Crutchfield's raw and introspective songwriting. With a unique blend of heartfelt lyrics and melodic guitar-driven soundscapes, Waxahatchee has gained critical acclaim for their honest and evocative music.

Since its inception, Waxahatchee has released several albums that have resonated with fans worldwide. From the intimate and confessional "American Weekend" to the more polished and expansive "Ivy Tripp," each release showcases Crutchfield's growth as a songwriter and musician.

With their captivating live performances, Waxahatchee has toured extensively across North America and Europe, building a dedicated fanbase along the way. Their music speaks to those who appreciate authenticity and vulnerability in art, making them a standout presence in the indie rock/folk scene.


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