We The People

We the People were an American garage rock band from Orlando, Florida that were formed in late 1965 and professionally active between 1966 and 1970. Although none of their singles charted nationally in the U.S., a number of them did reach the Top 10 of the local Orlando charts. The band are perhaps best remembered for their song "Mirror of Your Mind" which reached the Top 10 in a number of regional singles charts across the U.S. during 1966.

The band members included Randy Boyte on Organ (1966–1970), David Duff on Bass (1966–1970), Tommy Talton on Guitar (1966–1968), Wayne Proctor on Lead Guitar (1966–1967), Tom Wynn on Drums (1966), Lee Ferguson on Drums (1966–1967), Terry Cox on Drums (1967–1970), Carl Chambers on Guitar (19


We The People
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