White Lung

White Lung is a Canadian punk rock band that has been active since 2006. Known for their high-energy performances and raw, unapologetic sound, they have become a staple in the punk music scene. Drawing inspiration from bands like *Terrible Feelings*, *Screaming Females*, and *Fucked Up*, White Lung delivers hard-hitting tracks with powerful vocals and aggressive guitar riffs.

With influences ranging from garage rock to post-punk, White Lung's unique blend of genres sets them apart from other punk bands. Their intense live shows have garnered them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. They have toured extensively, sharing the stage with notable acts such as *The Coathangers* and *Hot Snakes*.

Notable albums by White Lung include "Paradise" and "Deep Fantasy", which showcase their ability to create catchy yet confrontational songs. Their music resonates with listeners who appreciate honest lyrics and an unfiltered approach to punk rock. If you're a fan of energetic, no-holds-barred music, White Lung is a band you don't want to miss.


White Lung
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