Widowspeak is an indie rock band hailing from Brooklyn, New York, USA. Known for their dream-pop and shoegaze sound, the band consists of *Molly Hamilton* on vocals and *Robert Earl Thomas* on guitar. With influences ranging from Blouse to Real Estate, Widowspeak has carved out a unique place in the music scene. Their captivating melodies and ethereal vocals have garnered them a dedicated following. Explore their mesmerizing tunes and get lost in the enchanting world of Widowspeak.

Formed in Brooklyn, Widowspeak has become synonymous with the indie rock genre. Led by the hauntingly beautiful vocals of *Molly Hamilton*, their music effortlessly blends elements of dream-pop and shoegaze. Alongside her is *Robert Earl Thomas*, whose skillful guitar playing adds depth to each track. Drawing inspiration from artists like Pure X and Warpaint, Widowspeak's sound is both nostalgic and contemporary.

If you're a fan of bands such as Lower Dens or Wild Nothing, then Widowspeak should be on your radar. Their atmospheric soundscapes transport listeners to another realm while maintaining a grounded authenticity. From their debut album "Widowspeak" to later releases like "Expect The Best," each record showcases their growth as musicians.


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