Will Saul

Will Saul is a DJ, producer, and A&R behind Simple Records. Growing up in Glastonbury, his love for music was nurtured through regular visits to the local Tor Records store and nights out at clubs across England.

His DJing style encompasses a wide range of influences, including dub, techno, electro, and breakbeat. With a natural talent for mixing, he has developed his own unique style that seamlessly blends broken beats of various tempos into an infectious dancefloor groove.

If you enjoy the sounds of *Sei A*, *John Tejada*, *Youandewan*, *Kink*, or *Greg Paulus*, then Will Saul's music will surely resonate with you. Other notable artists in a similar vein include *Maya Jane Coles*, *Jimpster*, *Move D*, and many more.


Will Saul
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Will Saul

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