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William Basinski

William Basinski is an American experimental musician and composer, known for his work with tape loops on reel-to-reel machines. Born in Houston, Texas in 1958, he is now based in Los Angeles. Trained in classical music, Basinski plays clarinet and jazz saxophone. He has collaborated with various forms of experimental media since 1978, primarily in New York. His music has been released by several international labels, including his own label.

Basinski is openly gay and cites minimalist composers such as Steve Reich and Brian Eno as his main influences. His most well-known work is the four-volume album "The Disintegration Loops" (2002-2003), which features decaying tapes of his earlier music. In 2012, he composed the score for the documentary "Pursuit of Loneliness," which premiered at Sundance Film Festival.

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William Basinski
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