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Wrekmeister Harmonies

Wrekmeister Harmonies is a project led by Chicago sound and video artist J.R. Robinson, known for his collaborations with other talented musicians. With a unique blend of experimental sounds, Wrekmeister Harmonies has carved out their own niche in the music industry.

Inspired by a diverse range of artists such as Fvnerals, Mamiffer, Locrian, and The Body, Wrekmeister Harmonies pushes boundaries and explores new sonic territories. Their music captures the listener's attention with its haunting melodies and atmospheric compositions.

With influences from genres like drone metal, post-rock, and ambient music, Wrekmeister Harmonies creates immersive experiences that transport listeners to another realm. Their collaborations with renowned artists like Emma Ruth Rundle and Jesu further enhance their musical prowess.


Wrekmeister Harmonies
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