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King Yellowman, born in 1956 in Jamaica, has an incredible history in Reggae music. Overcoming obstacles such as being albino in Jamaica and growing up at the Maxfield Home orphanage in Kingston, he became one of the biggest reggae artists since Bob Marley. Yellowman's boastful and bodacious lyrics, combined with his ability to ride rhythm and excite a crowd, made him an instant hit in Jamaica. He worked with various producers throughout his career, releasing multiple albums per year and eventually signing a recording contract with CBS Records. Despite being diagnosed with jaw cancer and given six months to live, Yellowman made a remarkable comeback and continues to deliver lively performances filled with unlimited stage energy.

The rudest Dancehall toaster of the 1980s, Jamaica's albino son Yellowman made as many enemies as fans with his controversial lyrics. Now back on the Ragga scene at a slightly slower pace, Yellowman's witticisms remain cheeky, spirited, and intelligent - delivered with his customary sharp melodic style.

We can only hope for the best for Yellowman as he continues his hard work while remaining devoted to his family.


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