Albums of the Month - October 2018

Adrianne Lenker

Album of the Month - October 2018

Adrianne Lenker - abysskiss

An achingly beautiful record from Big Thief vocalist, Adrianne Lenker. This is the Minnesota-born musician as she is, with very little else. Her voice is centre stage, which flickers, dancing and diving over the songs like an autumn sun on a frost-bitten morning. Lenker's ability to let you inside, to do away with the barrier between artist and listener is more striking than ever before. The gentle flutters whisper in your ear like secrets shared between you and her. The intimacy is so that every pick, every chord change carries with it an unmilled ripple and a chirp.

Recorded with Luke Temple of Here We Go Magic, the 10 songs were written in snatched moments on the relentless Big Thief tour. Lenker sounds raw, her lyrics organic. They escape her lungs with little scrutiny but plenty of emotion.

The album is understated and unassuming. It could have been discovered in a dusty cabin, penned by a long-lost folk-hero from the 60s. Adrianne serenades us with her songbook of gently reflective golden lullabies wistfully. It's delicate, enchanting and irresistible. A gorgeous and affecting listen especially if you have a tendency for likes of Jessica Pratt, Kath Bloom, and Joan Baez.

Albums of the Month - October 2018

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