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City Slang Label Focus

Label Focus

City Slang

City Slang has been a European outpost for American indie for almost 30 years. A home from home where innovative and pioneering artists have made their name in Europe and America. The records released through City Slang have helped shape and embellish the last three decades of alternative music. What better reason do we need to have them as our first Label Focus of 2019.

Christof Ellinghaus started City Slang in Berlin 1990, after Wayne Coyne asked him for a European label to put out A Priest Driven Ambulance. Ellinghaus' response? All the labels around him "were shit" and founded City Slang exclusively to release The Flaming Lips album. By 1991 City Slang had released the indie-folk classic Fakebookby Yo La Tengo, Favorite Spanish Dishes EP by Lemonheads and the debut album from Hole, Pretty on the Inside.

The following decade saw City Slang release albums by alternative heroes, Tortoise, Built To Spill, Sebadoh, Unsane and Guided By Voices but arguably the two bands that have helped define the label the most, releasing their best music under City Slang were Calexico and Lambchop.

Since their burgeoning period in the 90s, City Slang have continued to find and import the best indie music from America, having released records from the likes of Caribou, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, White Denim, Jessica Pratt, Sinkane and Nada Surf.

To celebrate the hard work and amazing output of City Slang, we have a Rough Trade Exclusive red vinyl version of Lambchop's opus, Nixon and a Rough Trade Exclusive repress of Caribou's Melody Day with the Four Tet remix.

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