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Matching Mole

Matching Mole was a short-lived UK progressive rock band from the Canterbury scene. Formed by *Robert Wyatt* in October 1971, after his departure from Soft Machine, the band gained recognition for their song "O Caroline". Wyatt took on the roles of vocalist and drummer, while being joined by *David Sinclair* (of Caravan) on organ and piano, *Phil Miller* on guitar, and *Bill MacCormick* (formerly of Quiet Sun) on bass. The name "Matching Mole" is a playful pun derived from the French translation of Wyatt's previous group Soft Machine.

Their music can be likened to other notable artists from the Canterbury scene such as Hatfield & The North, Caravan, and Soft Machine. Matching Mole's unique blend of progressive rock showcased their musical prowess and innovation.

Despite their brief existence, Matching Mole left an indelible mark on the genre with their distinct sound and memorable compositions. Their influence can still be heard today among bands like Gong, Henry Cow, and Peter Hammill. Discover the captivating music of Matching Mole and immerse yourself in their groundbreaking discography.


Matching Mole
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