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The Maytals

The Maytals is a Jamaican Ska & Reggae vocal trio that was formed in 1961 by Toots Hibbert, Raleigh Gordon, and Jerry Matthias. Originally known as The Vikings, they made their first recordings in 1962 for Coxsone Dodd. Over the years, they changed their name to The Flames and then finally settled on The Maytals. Some sources suggest that the name change was inspired by Byron Lee following the death of producer Leslie Kong. Their music has been influential in shaping the ska and reggae genres.

With their unique blend of soulful vocals and infectious rhythms, The Maytals have captivated audiences worldwide. They have released numerous albums throughout their career, including classics like "Monkey Man" and "Pressure Drop." Their music is characterized by its uplifting lyrics and energetic performances.

Similar artists to The Maytals include The Ethiopians, The Melodians, Derrick Morgan, Dandy Livingstone, and many more. These artists share a similar passion for ska and reggae music and have contributed to the development of these genres.


The Maytals
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