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The Twilight Sad

The Twilight Sad are a post-punk/indie rock band from Kilsyth, Scotland. Formed in 2003, the band consists of James Alexander Graham (vocals), Andy MacFarlane (guitar), Mark Devine (drums; 2003-2018), and Craig Orzel (bass; 2003-2010). Their debut album was released in April 2007 and received widespread acclaim for its thick Scottish vocals and dense sonic walls of shoegazing guitar. They have since released several albums, each showcasing their unique sound influenced by folk and noise.

With each album release, The Twilight Sad has evolved stylistically. Their second album showcased more personal lyrics and darker, streamlined music. In February 2012, they took another stylistic shift with industrial music and krautrock influences for a sparser sound. Despite these changes, the band consistently injects real emotion and dynamic excitement into their music.

Currently consisting of Graham, MacFarlane, Johnny Docherty (bass), Brendan Smith (keyboards) and Sebastien Schultz (drums), The Twilight Sad continues to create captivating music. Their latest album was released in January 2019, further solidifying their reputation as a band that brings depth to the indie rock genre.


The Twilight Sad
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