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Van Der Graaf Generator

Van Der Graaf Generator is a UK band that was formed in 1967 by Peter Hammill, Chris Judge Smith, and Nick Pearne. After a period of activity during the 1970s, the band broke up in 1978. However, the "classic" line-up of Hammill, Guy Evans, Hugh Banton, and David Jackson reformed the band again in 2004 and released the studio album Present. Since September 2006, Van Der Graaf Generator has worked as a trio without David Jackson.

Their music can be described as progressive rock with elements of art rock and experimental rock. They have been influential to many similar artists such as Caravan, Gentle Giant, Curved Air, Gryphon, Renaissance, Peter Hammill (as a solo artist), Hatfield & The North, Triumvirat Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM), Nektar U.K., Focus Greenslade Emerson Lake & Palmer Camel The Nice Aphrodite's Child Eloy Beggars Opera Anthony Phillips.

With their unique sound and enduring legacy in the progressive rock genre,Van Der Graaf Generator continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their innovative music.


Van Der Graaf Generator
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