Apple Records, the record label division of the company owned by The Beatles, was launched in 1968. Initially licensed through EMI and distributed by Capitol Records in the USA, Apple released around 40 albums by various artists between 1968 and 1974. However, since then, it has primarily focused on administering The Beatles' catalogue from 1962 to 1976. Managed by Allen Klein from 1969 to March 1973 and later by Neil Aspinall until his retirement in 2007, Jeff Jones took over as CEO. In 2009, Apple reached an agreement with Apple Inc. to license their trademark. A remastering campaign of the entire catalogue began in 2010.

The standard Apple album and single labels featured a bright green Granny Smith apple on one side and a cross section of the apple on the other side. It is important to note that while many Apple Records issues also carried an EMI logo, this does not indicate EMI as a separate label but rather signifies that Apple was part of the EMI Group.

A comprehensive history of the label has been written by Stefan Granados and published by Cherry Red Books.


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