Deutsche Grammophon

Deutsche Grammophon, also known as Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft, has been the leading classical music label of German record company Deutsche Grammophon GmbH since 1949. Before that, the label Grammophon was used until 1943, along with the Nipper dog. From 1942-1948, the Siemens Spezial label was used. The branding "Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft" was used until 1970. In 1957, the "cartouche" design featuring a garland of tulips was introduced. Known for its high-quality recordings and extensive catalog, Deutsche Grammophon has released music from renowned artists and performers in various series such as *Deutsche Grammophon Debut*, *AvantGarde*, *Deutsche Grammophon Resonance*, *Collectors Edition*, and *Festival Of Hits*. With a rich history spanning decades, Deutsche Grammophon continues to be a trusted name in classical music.

Label Code: LC 00173 / LC 0173

*Note: Inner poly lined dust sleeves for some Deutsche Grammophon pressings and reissues usually show a manufacturing date.*


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Deutsche Grammophon


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