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Light in the Attic

Light In The Attic (LITA) is an independent record label based in Seattle, Washington. Established in 2002 by two music enthusiasts, LITA began as a concert productions company before venturing into reissuing lost classics with modern packaging and production. With a passion for preserving and celebrating music history, LITA has become a respected authority in the industry.

Since its inception, LITA has been dedicated to unearthing forgotten gems and giving them new life. Their carefully curated catalog spans various genres and eras, showcasing the diversity of musical talent that may have otherwise been overlooked. From soulful R&B to psychedelic rock, LITA's releases are cherished by collectors and music lovers alike.

With their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, LITA has gained recognition for their exceptional vinyl reissues. Each release is thoughtfully remastered from original tapes or best available sources, ensuring that the essence of the music is preserved while delivering an enhanced listening experience for modern audiences.


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Light in the Attic


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Album artwork for Passover by The Black Angels


The Black Angels

£37.99 - £39.99

Album artwork for UFO by Jim Sullivan


Jim Sullivan

£19.99 - £37.99

Album artwork for Green by Hiroshi Yoshimura


Hiroshi Yoshimura

£19.99 - £44.99

Album artwork for Boots by Nancy Sinatra


Nancy Sinatra

£17.99 - £32.99

Album artwork for 1992 - 2001 by Acetone

1992 - 2001


£17.99 - £49.99

Album artwork for Link Wray by Link Wray

Link Wray

Link Wray

£34.99 - £37.99

Album artwork for Nasty Gal by Betty Davis

Nasty Gal

Betty Davis

£32.99 - £39.99

Album artwork for Betty Davis by Betty Davis

Betty Davis

Betty Davis

£19.99 - £39.99

Album artwork for Jim Sullivan by Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan

£5.99 - £34.99