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Music for Nations

Music for Nations is a UK metal label that was founded in February 1983 by Martin Hooker, former boss of Heavy Metal Records. Known for their iconic beige label with a small red Music For Nations flag logo, the label quickly became a prominent force in the metal music scene. They relocated to Carnaby Street in London in November 1985 and continued to release new music and re-issues with their distinctive red and yellow label from 1986 onwards.

Their address changed to "102 Belsize Lane" until early 1994, after which it moved to "333 Latimer Road," both located in London. This information helps identify correct CD releases/reissues/represses for the MFN catalogue. In February 1994, they released CDMFN 157 (Belsize Lane) followed by CDMFN 158 (Latimer Road). It's important to note that products showing the latest address cannot be pressed before 1994.

In 2004, Music for Nations officially closed its doors and its catalog was folded into Zomba, which was owned by Sony BMG. However, the label made a triumphant return in 2015, bringing back their passion for metal music and continuing to support talented artists within the genre. With an authoritative history and an unwavering commitment to metal music, Music for Nations remains a beloved name among fans worldwide.


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