Now Again Records

Now Again Records was launched in 2002 by Egon as a subsidiary of Stones Throw Records. With a rich catalogue of 60s & 70s soul & funk, as well as some essential new projects, the label has become a go-to destination for music lovers. In 2012, Now Again Records became independent and secured distribution from various partners including Traffic Entertainment Group.

The label's founder, Egon, has always had an ear for exceptional music. His passion for digging deep into the crates and unearthing hidden gems is evident in the carefully curated releases on Now Again Records. From rare soul and funk classics to groundbreaking contemporary projects, the label consistently delivers quality music that resonates with listeners.

With its dedication to preserving and celebrating the legacy of soul and funk music from the past while also pushing boundaries with innovative new sounds, Now Again Records has earned a reputation as a trusted source for both collectors and casual fans alike. Whether you're seeking timeless classics or exciting new discoveries, this label is sure to have something that will captivate your ears.


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Now Again Records


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Album artwork for Black Power by Peace

Black Power


£12.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Please The Nation by Eye Q

Please The Nation

Eye Q

£14.99 - £59.99

Album artwork for Lazy Bones by Witch

Lazy Bones


£22.99 - £26.99

Album artwork for Movin' On / Kuomboka by Witch

Movin' On / Kuomboka


£12.99 - £26.99