Sundazed is a US record label founded by Bob Irwin in 1988. They specialize in vinyl reissues of classic albums from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. With all graphic design and mastering work done in-house, Sundazed ensures high-quality releases at affordable prices for customers.

Over the years, Sundazed has collaborated with various cutting and pressing facilities to bring their releases to life. From the early 2000s until the mid-2010s, they worked with renowned engineers such as Greg Calbi and Warren Barnett for cutting records. In recent years, they have partnered with Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio for primary manufacturing.

When it comes to pressing their vinyl records, Sundazed has utilized different facilities depending on the era. From the late 1990s to mid-2000s, they often worked with Stick '1' at Record Technology Incorporated (RTI). In later years, Rainbo Records and Quality Record Pressings were among their trusted partners. Currently, TMP (The Mastering Plant) handles their pressing needs.


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Album artwork for Drums A Go-Go by Sandy Nelson

Drums A Go-Go

Sandy Nelson

£13.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for 80 Foot Wave by The Vaqueros

80 Foot Wave

The Vaqueros

£14.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Trip Thru Hell by CA Quintet

Trip Thru Hell

CA Quintet

£14.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Gypsy by Gypsy



£13.99 - £42.99

Album artwork for In The Garden by Gypsy

In The Garden


£14.99 - £32.99

Album artwork for Little Pink Mack by Kay Adams

Little Pink Mack

Kay Adams

£13.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Graffiti by Graffiti



£14.99 - £29.99