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Joni Void

Joni Void is the artistic persona of Montréal-based French-British producer Jean Néant (he/them), whose output and various projects showcase their interest in experimentation, improvisation, collaboration and multi-genre explorations. Self-described as ‘cinéma-tek/cameratronica’ music, the montage-based production of Joni Void incorporates elements of electronic and sample-based beats, rap & hip-hop, psychedelia, musique concrete, plunderphonics, ambient, drone, glitch, minimalism & electro-acoustic/improvised music. By way of their platform Everyday Ago, Joni Void have extended their sound practice into other collaborative and live-based projects.

Néant’s sound-world began developing in their early teens. A self-taught producer hailing from Lille, France and operating under the moniker ‘johnny_ripper’, they displayed unprecedented dexterity with remixing and sampling as well as a singular style of composition on piano keyboards and other virtual instruments; engaging purely online with DIY artists-communities; with no knowledge or intention of performing live; limited knowledge of the music industry at large. Released in August 2011,Néant’s first official album Soundtrack for a film that doesn’t exist accurately describes their style and modus operandi.

The johnny_ripper project shifted drastically when Néant moved to Montréal at the end of 2012 to pursue film studies. They found personal meaning and sol


Joni Void
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