Soundgarden is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of grunge music. While their sound leaned more towards rock and metal, they played a significant role in shaping the genre alongside bands like Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, and Nirvana. Their album Badmotorfinger marked their peak in 1991, but later releases showcased a more alternative side to their music. "Black Hole Sun" became their biggest hit single. In 1997, the band amicably went their separate ways to pursue other interests. Vocalist Chris Cornell notably joined forces with members of Rage Against The Machine to form Audioslave.

In 2010, after a twelve-year hiatus, Chris Cornell announced on social media that Soundgarden was back together and ready to make new music. However, tragedy struck on May 18th, 2017 when Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room after a show in Detroit.

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