The Clean

The Clean is an indie rock band that was formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1978. Although they originally disbanded in 1982, they made a comeback in 1988 and continued to tour sporadically thereafter. Tragically, drummer Hamish Kilgour passed away in December 2022.

During the years when they were not active as a band, The Clean continued to release songs, including rare tracks and live recordings. Their influence can be seen in bands such as *The Bats* and *The Verlaines*. In recognition of their contributions to music, The Clean was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall Of Fame in September 2017.

If you enjoy the music of *The Bats*, *The Verlaines*, or other artists like *David Kilgour* and *Tall Dwarfs*, then you will definitely appreciate the unique sound of The Clean.


The Clean
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