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Label Focus - Memphis Industries

Label Focus

Memphis Industries

At the tail end of the 90’s, against all the advice of older, wiser heads, brothers Ollie and Matt Jacob started the label Memphis Industries. As is often the case, the label was initially intended as a vehicle to release some pals EPs, with no further plans beyond that. Their first signing Blue States delivered the album Nothing Changes Under the Sun, a surprise success for the label, they then rode the original chill wave, before finding that those older wiser heads were pretty spot on about starting a label, and washed up with The Go! Team as “definitely their last ever signing before they got proper jobs”. A Mercury Prize nomination, a bucket load of sales and international acclaim later, Memphis went from strength to strength. 2018 sees the label as the home of North-East legends Field Music, Minneapolis’ future R&B superstars POLICA, the wonderful Wonk-Pop of Dutch Uncles and many more.

Rough Trade's Emily Waller sat down with Ollie to talk about the history of the label, avoiding a “proper job” and his favourite projects so far:

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