17 North Parade

17 North Parade is an imprint of VP Records, established in 2007. The label takes its name from the second location of Randy's Record Mart at 17 North Parade in Kingston, Jamaica, which was founded in 1962. Previously located at 36 East Street, this iconic record store played a significant role in the downtown Kingston music scene during its prime.

As a label, 17 North Parade focuses on reissuing material that falls outside of the mainline VP Records and Greensleeves Records brands and catalog history. They bring to light music that was produced during the heyday of downtown Kingston's vibrant music scene, contemporaneous with Randy's Record Mart.

With an extensive collection of *artists* and performers under their roster, 17 North Parade offers a diverse range of reissued albums for music enthusiasts to explore. Their commitment to preserving and sharing these historic recordings ensures that fans can experience the rich musical heritage rooted in Jamaican culture.


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17 North Parade


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