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Fire Records

Fire Records is an independent record label headquartered in London, England, UK. Founded in the mid 80s, Fire Records has been a prominent force in the music industry for decades. They have released early records from Pulp, Teenage Fanclub, Spacemen 3, Blue Aeroplanes, and many other influential artists. In the early 90s, the label was home to notable acts such as Neutral Milk Hotel, The Lemonheads, Built to Spill, and Urge Overkill.With a rich history of discovering talent and nurturing their careers, Fire Records remains dedicated to supporting groundbreaking musicians across various genres. Their diverse roster showcases both established names and emerging talents who push boundaries and challenge conventions.


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Fire Records


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Album artwork for Glacial Glow by Noveller

Glacial Glow


£12.99 - £17.99

Album artwork for Tonight's Music by The Moles

Tonight's Music

The Moles

£8.99 - £12.99

Album artwork for Curanderos by Bardo Pond


Bardo Pond

£12.99 - £22.99

Album artwork for Red Blinders by Hater

Red Blinders


£8.99 - £14.99

Album artwork for Why Not? by Half Japanese

Why Not?

Half Japanese

£12.99 - £22.99

Album artwork for Volume 8 by Bardo Pond

Volume 8

Bardo Pond

£12.99 - £22.99