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Merge Records

Merge Records is an independent record label based in Durham, North Carolina. Founded in 1989 by Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan, it started as a platform to release music from their band Superchunk and their friends' creations. Over the years, Merge Records has grown to include talented artists from all over the world, with some of their records even reaching the top of the Billboard music charts.

With its headquarters nestled in Durham, North Carolina, Merge Records has become a renowned name in the music industry. The label was established by Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan back in 1989 with a vision to share their own musical endeavors as well as support fellow musicians within their circle.

What began as a humble endeavor quickly flourished into something much greater. Today, Merge Records boasts an impressive roster of artists spanning various genres and backgrounds. From indie rock to experimental pop, *Superchunk* paved the way for other talented musicians to join forces under this esteemed label's umbrella.


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Merge Records


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Album artwork for Oyster Cuts by Quivers

Oyster Cuts


£13.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Saint Cloud by Waxahatchee

Saint Cloud


£12.99 - £24.99

Album artwork for Bite Down  by Rosali

Bite Down


£12.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for One Day by Fucked Up

One Day

Fucked Up

£12.99 - £24.99

Album artwork for Second Line by Dawn Richard

Second Line

Dawn Richard

£12.99 - £46.99

Album artwork for Dose Your Dreams by Fucked Up

Dose Your Dreams

Fucked Up

£14.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Goths by The Mountain Goats


The Mountain Goats

£12.99 - £44.99

Album artwork for Transistor Radio by M Ward

Transistor Radio

M Ward

£17.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Wild Flag by Wild Flag

Wild Flag

Wild Flag

£14.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Far Enough by Cable Ties

Far Enough

Cable Ties

£12.99 - £22.99

Album artwork for It’s Real by Ex Hex

It’s Real

Ex Hex

£12.99 - £22.99

Album artwork for Happy Hour by Hollie Cook

Happy Hour

Hollie Cook

£12.99 - £24.99