Reprise Records, also known as "Reprise", is an American label that was formed in December 1960 by Frank Sinatra. It was created to provide more artistic freedom for Sinatra's own recordings and soon became the home for other members of the "Rat Pack" such as Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. In August 1963, Reprise was sold to Warner Bros. Records, becoming its parent company. While still maintaining artistic control for its artists, Reprise has also served as a distributor for other Warner Music Group labels like Sire Records Company and Tommy Boy Music.

Throughout its history, Reprise has had distinct label features including the iconic tri-color 'steamboat' label with a green quadrant above yellow and the use of different color combinations over time. The label has gone through various changes but has always remained committed to supporting its artists while expanding its responsibilities within the Warner Music Group.

It's important to note that some early 1990s promotional CDs from Reprise Records may have a generic copyright year of "©1990" even though they were released later. Additionally, US cassettes and 8-tracks may have a REP code on the spine or elsewhere near the catalogue number which should not be mistaken as part of the catalogue number itself.


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