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Jackpot Records

Jackpot Records, started in 2004, operates as a reissue label featuring albums and bands that have been seminal within their respective genres as well as interesting new releases of various genres. Care is paid to giving each album the most authentic and true-to-form representation, with all recordings taken from the original master tapes whenever possible.

Jackpot Records began in 1997 in Portland, Oregon as an independent retailer set on getting music into the hands and ears of the people who love it. Opened by owner Isaac Slusarenko, Jackpot Records was founded on the idea that the music matters, offering a wide selection of both new and used CDs, LPs, DVDs and other collectibles. In 2001, a second location was opened in downtown Portland.

Jackpot Records enjoys giving back to the community that supports it by offering free, all ages in-store performances, signings and meet-n-greets, as well as an annual film festival that centers on music-related cinema.


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Jackpot Records


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Album artwork for Land of the Lost by Wipers

Land of the Lost


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